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Events and workshops create space to connect with other people and experience yoga in different ways and settings. 


It provides more time to explore your practice, ask questions and interact with people - rather than the in and out motion of weekly classes in studios.


yoga breakfast club - MARCH.png

A morning of togetherness,

We start the day with Yoga practice and relaxation to then move to friendly chats over nice food with lovely poeple.. This event provides space for you to get together, practice yoga and enjoy a lesurely brunch.


Over the past few Yoga Breakfast clubs I had people come as a group or by themselves and enjoy themselves either way.


Yoga breakfast club happens once every two months and it has been a fun and love filled event.

Beginners are welcome!

If you would like to know more or enquire about the next one get in touch with me

NEXT YBC EVENT: 27th of April


Where: Christchurch

Address: 105A Clarendon Park Rd, Clarendon Park, LE2 3AH

When: 27th of April 2024

What time: 9am

How much: £35

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