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Compassion & Love

8th of December 2019

A morning of relaxation, renewal, cultivating compassion and love.

As December approaches, the month of giving, of spending time with loved ones and celebrating the end of the year we will take the time to connect with our heart chakra cultivating compassion and love.


The day will go a little like this;


A yoga practice focussed on heart opening and during savasana, we will surrender into a sound journey with the amazing sounds of the Gongs.


This is truly a treat, if you have never been to a gong bath before I encourage you to join us and try it.

Practical Information:

Where: Create Studios, Hartopp road 120a. 

When 8th of December

What time: 10:30am - 12:30am

How much: 15 pounds per person

What to bring?

  • Water 

  • Blanket, sweater and warm socks for the gong bath - this is important, since you will be laying down for close to an hour your body temperature will drop significantly.

  • Yoga mat (we will have some there but you are welcome to bring your own)

Since we have limited availability, If you are interested in taking part make sure you get in touch.

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