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What are sun salutations doing for my energy?

The sun salutations are a go to in most yoga classes, when you think of sun salutations a few things might come to mind like warming up, synchronizing breath with movement, feeling your body tight and rusty at the beginning but stronger and more energetic as it moves along; in a way there lies the answers to the question above but lets talk a little more about it 😊

The sun salutations activate our sun side, getting not only our body but also our mind strong and energetic for the postures that will come ahead, it is a reinvigorating sequence as well as a sequence that improves both, strength and flexibility.

It’s name is self-explanatory in the sense that this sequence was created to salute the sun, but more than saluting the sun it is saluting the solar energy that we carry within ourselves. Our energetic, warm, fiery side.

On an emotional level practicing sun salutations will get you feeling motivated, empowered, enthusiastic and it will also raise self-esteem levels, it is a great sequence to practice when you feel you need that extra boost of energy, instead of looking for it elsewhere... you can find it right there.

Here is the one we practice the most in class, Surya Namaskara A.

Happy sun salutations 😊

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