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Even though I went to my first yoga class in 2009 in Amsterdam, it only became a constant practice in 2015, in Brazil, before then I would come in and out of practice.

I committed to it at a time of most need, I was going through major changes in my life, closing a business that once was a dream, along side with family and relationship troubles/issues.

Yoga got me grounded, I found in this practice a way to be stable and have a firm ground to step on even when all else seemed to be falling apart.

I started to teach at the end of 2015 before I had my teacher training, friends would just ask me for yoga classes but going for a teacher training became more of a serious consideration when a teacher asked me to replace her for a month. 


I then went for a teacher training in 2016 in Sao Paulo - Brazil with Premananda Yoga School, continued teaching in Brazil until I moved to Leicester where I teach several classes/week, you can find all the classes here.


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