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Flower remedies are the vibrational qualities extracted of flowers that can help with emotional imbalances and emotional patterns.

Each flower remedy is associated with a basic human emotion and they act by transforming a negative state into a positive state. Helping us go through our life challenges with more ease, positivity and self-awareness.

The Flower remedies were discovered by Dr Edward Bach an English doctor, homeopath, bacteriologist and spiritual writer. He believed that “there is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness”

Flower remedies can help with all situations in life where our emotions come out of balance and harmony.

Contact me to book or to know more and ask any question that may come to mind.

Find below the answers to a few questions that may come to mind:

  • How does a Flower remedy session work?

  • Who can take Flower Remedies?

  • How do I take the remedies?

  • How much and where?

  • When should I change my personalized formula?

How does a Flower Remedie session work?

On a flower remedy session lasts for about one hour, where we will talk about your life challenges, how you are facing them, what are the emotions you are struggling to deal with.

After our session I will then select your personal set of flowers that will assist you through it bringing self-awareness and a positive outlook into the situation and deliver it to you.


Who can take Flower remedies?

Flower remedies have no restriction, it is not addictive, and it can not be overdosed. It is suitable for kids, elderly, pregnant women and also while breastfeeding. Flower remedies are very subtle and non-invasive.


How do I take the remedies?

Your personalized set of flower remedies will come in a 30ml bottle, in a mixture of spring water and brandy **vinegar or glycerine can be used for alcohol sensitive situations.

You will take 4 drops 4 times a day and the bottle should last for 3 to 4 weeks.

Results can be noticed as much as with in a day, it varies from person to person however it is advisable to take it for 2 to 3 months for more permanent results.


How much and where?

A session can be done in person here in Leicester at Studios 40, Nelson street or online via skype. Your personal set of flower remedies and one-hour session comes at £45.

Repeating the same formula – £20


When should I change my formula?

Your initial formula will last a month, normally we repeat the formula for an extra month however life changes daily and things that were challenging to you might not be anymore and new challenges can come.

In cases of sudden changes a formula would definately change and be revised to help and assist you best., like a broken heart, bereavement, accident, etc  

You can always give me a call and briefly talk to check if a new session would be best than just repeating the previous formula.


Contact me to book a session. it will be a pleasure to help.

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