Clear your mind and connect with your body.

23rd - 29th of July 2018

The aim of this event is to experience what doing yoga on a regular basis can feel and do for you, you can see it as a detox, resetting your mind, body and vibe. Clearing out fogy minds, loosening up the body and getting the breathing back into a flow.


No yoga experience required, all you need is to have the desire to feel what yoga everyday can do for you and be willing to start your day with a yoga glow!

We will be on a small group of 10 people at studios 40 where we will have 7 early morning yoga classes to get you clear and energized for your day.

On the first day we will also have a light breakfast for you, The studios 40 have wonderful showers so you can leave straight after the class to start your day at work.

Practical Information:

Where: The studios 40 - Nelson street 40, Leicester. 

When 23rd - 29th of July

What time: 7:00am - 8:00am - weekdays

                   8:00am - 9:00am - weekend days

How much: 45 pounds per person

What is included?

  • 7 Yoga classes

  • Yoga mat

  • 1 Healthy breakfast

  • Information on yoga, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition

  • Daily mindful task and motivation message

What is available?

  • Water (water fountain)

  • Tea and coffee

  • Showers, toiletries and towels available to use

  • Car park (limited spaces, first in first serve policy)

Since we have limited availability, If you are interested in taking part make sure you get in touch asap.